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Land Use Ordinance

They are still working on this so-call gas drilling ordinance

The ordinance was up for vote in May 2012 and people opposed it the last time around.

They called it a drilling ordinance and while it may not have much to do with drilling, it can have serious impacts on landowners.

Click here for more information and for a copy of the ordinance.

Newton Twp. Taxpayers Pay $45,000 for a Worthless Lot

Township officials got caught fooling around, the people that caught them are being harassed and the taxpayers end up paying for all of it.  Taxpayers pay double the price for a worthless lot.   More...>

Updated!  The winning bidder of the Sept 25, 2013, auction got two lots for 50K.  Most of the money went the owner of the first lot.  All of the costs and expenses related to the six-year fiasco that involved lawsuits and numerous lawyers, judgments against the township and payouts made by the township already ate up whatever was left.  Due to the township creative record keeping and years of litigation and related expenses, the total loss to the taxpayers is not likely to be known.  As of November 18, 2013, the winning bidder still did not have the deed and the solicitor was still working on it.

Newton Twp. Auditor Questions Solicitors Bill

After getting a raise this year, the Newton Township solicitor billed $7,600 for services just for March.  A supervisor said he was not happy about it and an auditor said he wasn't happy either.  More...>

Township's Right-To-Know Form Not Official

People are not required to fill out forms to obtain public records. Just make your request in writting and if you don't get the stuff file a complaint More...>

Newton Township Loses Legal Battle over Tennis Court

The township appealed to Commonwealth Court claiming that the judge errored.  There is a lot more to this and court records will be made available here soon.

Newton Township Working on a Burning Ordinance

They have been working on this ordinance for a long time so it should be a doozy.  More...>


Newton Twp. Supervisors held closed-door meeting with DEP to discuss Sewage System

 The Supervisors are tightlipped about the meeting that cost the taxpayers a bit of money and they may be holding their nose too because, Something Stinks.  More...>

Newton Township supervisors attempted to amend the zoning ordinances to allow drilling all areas including residential developments

Update:  The ordinance was stopped for now but they are still trying to pursue it.  It never had any intention to protect people from drillers.  It was an anti-business ordinance.  The township building was filled with people thanks to all of the citizins that showed up to oppose it and put a stop to it.

 Click here for a copy of the ordinance in PDF format  or  Here For HTML.

The township supervisors tired to push the ordinance through.

Look on page 32 starting with section 7 forward to the end, they gave everything away to the gas companies.

The 35 page ordinance under the disguise of protecting us from the drillers is really an all-out assault on small businesses and gives away everything to the gas companies.  More...>

Use the Community Board or Contact Us link to tell us what you think.

Gas Lease Update

RigUpdate 1-16-2012

None of the gas companies were interested in leasing land at this time and the consultant is no longer accepting sign-up agreements.  More information...>

Local property owners can still use the Landowners Registration link (top left) to be notified should there be any change.

What to do with Old Computers and Electronics

Old ComputersRecycle them.  Michelle Newberry, Lackawanna County Community Relations Coordinator, recently wrote to NewtonPA.com and said that the County Recycling Center will take them free of charge.

They are open Monday-Friday but they may have special days for electronics recycling so it is best to call beforehand.  The phone number is: 570.963.6868 ext.5

Notice to farmers and property owners in Newton Township

 Updated 9-16-11

SAPA is still trying to get the City of Scranton to go along with it.  The plan would be detrimental to landowners in Newton.  Newton need to get out of SAPA.

The land use proposal as adopted would severely limit land use and its value. Click here to sign up and to be kept updated.

Note: look for your property on the map.  The green area is private property but it was declared open space and resource conservation areas to restrict its use.

Related Files: Land Use Map Jpg version 623 kb Land Use Plan small PDF file 67 kb
The Entire Plan Very Large PDF file 27 megabytes
Plan has not been updated since North Abington and Scranton pulled out.
Local zoning news here...>