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One-Year Anniversary

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One-Year Anniversary

Postby Sal » Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:44 pm

On April 5, 2004 at 2:03 pm this board and website were created and things began to happen.  

I think about the accomplishments and all the people that I have met here on this website and then later speaking with them on the phone or in person.

I think back at how quickly we became organized and with teamwork, we got the word out and reduced the board of supervisors to three.

I think about the supervisors trying to discredit this website and making it difficult for us to have information and how they make us wait over a month to get copies of the minutes of the meetings.

I recall speaking with Dave about him giving us a brief after the meetings so that people would not have to wait more than a month to find out what the supervisors did, and Dave has been doing that ever since.

This website is loaded with information with more being added all the time.  It is all for the benefit of the people but none of the supervisors has helped.  

Residents of Newton Township produced everything here.  Some of the things that were done took time and work and others cost money.  But not one penny of tax dollars was used.

Looking ahead  

We need to work together to replace the supervisors with people that will communicate and will make sure that the best interests of the township are being served.

We need to get all of the public records for the Township on this website for anyone to view at anytime.

We need to have information concerning decisions for the Township put on the website in a timely manner so that all may know what is going on and be able to give feedback.

We need more people involved in the Township by using this website.  Remember, a website can be accessed 24-7 and it just takes a few minutes of your time.

You may not be able to attend a meeting but at least you can be informed and post your opinion.

Click the register link above and join the community.  :D
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