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Discussion Board Registration and Rules

How they do it.

Discussion Board Registration and Rules

Postby Sal » Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:26 pm

Automatic registration is on.  Usernames do not need to be your real name.

Click on "Register" right below the search box at top right.  Accept the terms, provide a username, password, and email address.  If you use a real name, make sure it is yours.  Anyone caught impersonating someone else may have their account closed and could get into trouble.

Make sure your email address is correct because this website will send a conformation email to that address with a link to activate the account.

Unregistered Guests cannot start posts but can reply to posts in some of the forums.  Guest have limited usability so it is better to register.  Guests posts may be deleted and guest posting has some bugs and my not work.

And Now For Some Rules!
Rule #1.  Sal is the Boss.  He is the main man and whatever he says goes.

Rule#2.  Refer to Rule #1  and with that said, this website has been here for over nine years with only minor incidents and everyone has been great so talk it up and have some fun.

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