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Will the Landfill be in Newton Township?

How they do it.

Will the Landfill be in Newton Township?

Postby Admin » Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:41 pm

The original SAPA (Scranton Abingtons Planning Association) plan called for a landfill in Dunmore so where is going to be now?  When land values go down industry looks to grab it.  Factory farms popup and most people don’t like them.

Coloring the Township green and declaring land owned by people “open space” when it is not, will not stop industry.  The Township cannot stop a landfill or any other industry that wants in any more that it can stop the gas industry.

Scranton City Council voted against the SAPA plan on June 22, 2010.  Frankly, you cannot blame City Council for not wanting the City to be the dumping ground for Newton Township and the Abingtons.  

According to an article in the Abington Journal, SAPA plans to give Scranton some sort of deadline.  Apparently, SAPA intends to move forward with its agenda without Scranton and this is where it gets interesting.  

First, they need a name change since Scranton is not part of the association.  So we’ll call the space cadets “NASA” Newton Abingtons Scamming Association.  The name is fitting because it is all a scam to zone away land use rights and it all started in Newton Township when Mr. Lee Jamison was a supervisor and his crony supervisors went along with it.

Next where is NASA going to put all those undesirables that none of them want?  NASA’s map is much smaller if you take out Scranton, Dunmore and North Abington that are no longer part of it and others may drop out if they are told to take on undesirables.

Newton is disproportionately large compared to the other municipalities in the plan and may end up being larger then all of the others combined.  Newton will have to take on its share of undesirables and could become the new dumping grounds for the Abingtons.  Newton is large enough to easily accommodate a landfill and since there is a Township official that is in the landfill business, it could happen.
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