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Bald Mountain

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Re: Bald Mountain

Post by David » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:39 am

Where is there a right to access another persons private property for recreation without permission?
That is why we have public parks, and game lands.
You don't pay the mortgage, insurance, taxes etc.
I would not consider entering your land without permission so why do you believe you can enter others?

Re: Bald Mountain

Post by Rick » Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:33 am

It's sad that people with money are taking away people's right to access land for recreational use. Not all people are destroying the property or littering but maybe a select few. It's wrong to cast the blame on everyone and refuse access to good people who generally want to enjoy the region and it's attributes. You and your friends preventing access to nature is essentially the same as constructing a manufacturing plant up there. Either way, you are wrong in your reasoning for " attempting " to do this and should rather limit any access to ATV's or overnight camping etc which are likely the sole reason for any disturbance. If you asked the community, I'm sure people would agree I would even volunteer time to clean up as would others if you allowed hikers and or photographers.

Post by M2 » Tue Jul 20, 2004 2:27 pm

my brother and i used to hike bald mountain as an endurance thing, i guess you could say. but i do respect other peoples wishes about property, because i have my own, and lord knows that the area needs all of the undeveloped land it can get.

Bald Mountain

Post by davidk » Sun Jul 18, 2004 3:44 pm

For generations people have been hiking to the top of Bald Mountain and essentially treating the area around it as a de facto public park.
That has now changed. The property surrounding the peak is now owned by friends of mine and is strictly off limits to the public.
The reason for the purchase of the land is so that it will be preserved and protected. Over the years it has taken much abuse in various forms, from people carving their names in the rocks, to atv's tearing up the flora and causing other damage, to litter, and the list goes on. No people means no damage, especially litter.
We are trying to spread the word that the property is off limits and that no one has any reason to be up there. We only go there to patrol and clean up the trash.
The property lines are posted. The last time we were up there a guy was approaching via the trail and essentially walked right past the posters. When asked if he saw them he admited he had but noted that they were not signed. He seemed oblivious to the fact that he was teaching his two young boys that it's perfectly fine to ignore other peoples property rights. He was more concerned that we wouldn't let him and the boys finish their excursion.
Contrary to popular belief no trespassing posters do not have to be signed, spaced a certain distance, be a certain style or color, etc.
The property is included in the Newton Ag Security Zone and as such trespassers are subject to what is termed Agricultural Trespass which carries a minimum fine of $500.
Our goal is to have the area preserved as a wildlife sanctuary. There are plans to have it continue as such after we are gone.
In the meantime we do not want anyone up there. Please help spread the word as we do not want to have to prosecute anyone. It's in everyones best interest if the point and surrounding area were left alone.
Thank you.